GRYSCL is a street photography club. Members use the GRYSCL iPhone App to shoot black & white street photos and compete in street photo challenges.

What is Street Photography?

The London Festival of Photography has a popular definition that we like: “Street Photography is un-posed, un-staged photography in the public domain which captures, explores or questions contemporary society and the relationships between individuals and their surroundings.”

Who are GRYSCL Members?

GRYSCL members are travel and photography enthusiasts who love wandering the world and capturing the energy of cities in black & white street photos.

Who are GRYSCL Editors?

GRYSCL editors are professional photo editors, museum and gallery curators and prominent street photographers. They serve on our rotating jury that selects the winners of street photo challenges.

Why do Members HAVE to use the app?

  1. Fairness: The app ensures that friendly competition is also fair since all members have the same creative constraint.

  2. Focus: The app features a simple camera to focus members on shooting serendipitous moments rather than on fiddling with settings.

  3. Format: The app verifies that all members shoot original, black & white photos that are embedded with precise location data.

DoEs GRYSCL own my Photos?

No. You own the copyright to your photo and you only give us the right to display it with proper credit on our apps and websites.

How much does membership cost?

Membership is free. We’ll launch a premium membership called GRYSCL+ in 2019 so we never have to rely on advertising to fund our operations.

How do I contact GRYSCL?

Email: hello@gryscl.com / Twitter: @grysclhq

How do I become A Member of GRYSCL?

Get the GRYSCL iPhone App.


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