Photographer FAQs

How Does GRYSCL WOrk?

GRYSCL helps street photographers graduate from chasing likes on Instagram to earning money from their talent and travels.

Use the GRYSCL iPhone App to shoot and submit black & white street photos and then earn 40% of the revenues generated by licensing them to global content creators.

What subjects sHOULD I shoot?

We specialize in un-posed, un-staged, un-mediated, black & white street photos that capture newsworthy people, places and stories in the world’s great cities.

Need inspiration? The GRYSCL iPhone App hosts Challenges based on subjects that global content creators are looking to license right now.

do I Need to use the App TO SHOOT?

You need to use the GRYSCL iPhone App to shoot so we can assign precise date, time and location data for your photo and can verify that you should be the copyright owner. The camera in the app is simple but powerful and uploads a high-quality image with just one click.

Who owns the copyright to My Photos?

You own the copyright to your submitted photos but you give us the exclusive rights to license a selection of them to global content creators and to pay you 40% of the licensing revenues generated.

Do I need model or property releases?

We only license your photos for editorial use so you don’t need a model or property release as long as your photos are shot in public settings using the GRYSCL iPhone App.

How and When do I get paid?

Track your revenues on the GRYSCL iPhone App and get paid monthly via Paypal.